PGI v1.3 kumonga

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Tuner: ip9000Hd+ip910hd+opticum9600hdts
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PGI v1.3 kumonga


Post autor: genie » 27 gru 2011, 9:35

Change List for PGI 1.3
================================================== ================================================
- New: Recording 2 channels from the same transponder works now
- New: Current programme remaining/elapsed time can be displayed in minutes or as perecent in the channel list (new option in the PGI Settings menu)
- New: Programme description is shown in the channel list (1 column + 3 EPG events mode), this is optional and can be turned on or off via the PGI Settings menu
- New: Added DiSeqC 1.0/1.1 settings for motorised dishes used in so-called "cascaded" configurations: Motor + DiSeqC
- New: Last watched recording is remembered in the recordings list
- New: Added/removed and changed some HDD related options, please read HDD_en.txt (even if you have done so before)
* HDD_MEDIA, NFS_REC and NFS_REC_PROTO parameters in pgi.conf have been merged into a single parameter called MEDIA_DEVICE
* MEDIA_DEVICE can now be specified using partition's UUID as well as classic /dev/sdxX syntax
* Included mkdosfs utilities to format disk/USB flash partitions as FAT32
* All swap partitions on all available devices are now mounted automatically, i.e. swap does not need to be 1st partition on your disk
* Swap can be an ordinary file now (see new parameter called SWAP_FILE in HDD_en.txt)
- New: Added/removed and changed some USB 3G/UMTS modem related options (see NETWORK_en.txt)
* Removed USB_MODEM option from pgi.conf since USB_modeswitch now operates automatically
* PPPD_PEER parameter has been renamed to PPP; ATTENTION: PPP must be set to a valid value for USB_modeswitch to work (at boot)!
* Added picocom utility for testing and setting up your USB modems (see NETWORK_en.txt for usage example)
* Improved 3G modem config templates in /var/etc/ppp including "on-demand" connections (dial up only when required, autodisconnect when idle)
- Fix: Improvements for non-persistent epg.dat handling (when there is no USB/SATA storage used), less problems with channel list "freezing", etc.
- Fix: EPG database structure changes: stopping recordings should be faster now (all existing EPG data will need to be refreshed)
- Fix: Instant recording popup setting for shutdown/standby power option is working correctly now
- Fix: Recording names are displayed correctly now
- Fix: Editing recording name (instead of recorded channel name) is possible now
- Fix: WebTV was not working correctly when the second tuner was used
- Fix: DVB subtitles fixes and improvements (especially for Nordic channels)
- Fix: Timeline in EPG Grid moves properly now
- Update: OpenSSL, USB_modeswitch, Busybox, MC, Freetype, SQLite, Dropbear, e2fsprogs and Transponder DB updates
- Removed: Weather Info.

Images for all boxes can be downloaded here :

addon v008 :

Powyższe linki z innego forum.

addon v009 :
- rozwiązuje problem z dostępem do niektórych kart
- jednak nie podoba mi się ten ich zestaw oscama z konfigami, lepiej podmienić na coś sprawdzonego

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PGI v1.3 kumonga


Post autor: aaaa12 » 25 sty 2012, 16:25

można prosić o poukładaną listę


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