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Wszystko na temat konwerterów do odbioru pasma Q [33 - 50 GHz GHz]
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Pasmo Q


Post autor: sato » 12 sty 2020, 9:43

I and Peon talk a lot and very often about new trends and technology in satellite business even it`s our hobby only. That`s not `cause we don`t wanna stay behind, but also we can learn a thing or two that will help us to improve the parts/reception we have now or we dream to reach at some point in the future.

Progress can not be stopped, so right now I would like to introduce you to the different chunk of satellite band. The new and unknown frequency range of Q-band (40.5 – 41.0 GHz), because with the arrival of 5G and preparation for 6G, the satellite industry will move from Ku and Ka band towards Q-band over the next decade.

Well, this band is not that new to satellite reception, but the first professional LNB was introduced only in May 2019 by Norsat, model Norsat Q1000H. First shipments of the new LNB was scheduled for end of Q3 2019, but I haven`t seen any price tag at any satellite supplier yet.
People say, if there`s a problem there`s a solution, so when Norsat started producing pro grade Q-band LNBs, there must be some satellites capable of transmitting in this band out there, too.
Yes guys, they are out there and they have been in the space for some time.
Eutelsat 65 West A @ 65W launched in 03/2016 or Alphasat (aka Inmarsat-4A F4) @ 25E launched in 07/2013 satellites are only a few of those to carry the Q/V band payload.

Here is a brief information about Norsat Q1000H:

Frequency Band - 40.5 - 41.0 (GHz)
L.O. Frequency: 39.55 (GHz)
L.O. Stability: ± 50 KHz
Noise Figure: 3 dB
Waveguide: WR22 (Ku - WR75, Ka - WR42, C - WR229, X - WR-112)
Current: 1000 mA max (WOW!!!) :excl:
Weight: 700 g

Norsat Q-Band 40.5 – 41.0 GHz.jpg
Norsat Q-Band 40.5 – 41.0 GHz

NORSAT Q1000H - spec sheet.pdf
NORSAT Q1000H - spec sheet
(393.18 KiB) Pobrany 22 razy
Alphasat @ 25E.pdf
Alphasat @ 25E (Q-band satellite)
(1.37 MiB) Pobrany 22 razy

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